Thursday, January 14, 2010

Destin Restaurant Review

La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano & Pizza
300 Harbor Blvd., East
Destin, FL
Phone: 850.424.5795

10:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m.

I'm almost reluctant to share this restaurant, but no matter how much we would like to keep this authentic Italian restaurant a secret word is rapidly getting out. La Famiglia is a family affair and it shows. Stefania & Pino and their three daughters Michela, Francesca & Valentina are from Roma. They have been open only three months & are already quite successful.

Jim & I wanted to try it out & the minute we walked in we were greeted by the delicious aromas typically associated with good Italian food. I was practically swooning by the time we were seated. If we hadn't been ravenous when we walked in, we would be now. The interior is quaint, rustic, & very cozy. The place was packed! Fortunately for us there was one open table available & we quickly claimed it. Even though they were busy, we were served water & presented with menus immediately. We were impressed with the extensive menu & wine list. I ordered the house wine just to check it out & was not disappointed.

We were served our beverages & plenty of hot, fresh bread with an herbed dipping sauce right away & devoured every crumb before our entree arrived. Jim ordered spaghetti & meat balls in tomato sauce & I opted for the veal piccata. The lemony veal piccata was like 'butta', but the star of the show was Jim's spaghetti with authentic, homemade tomato sauce which we both attacked. I wanted to try the Tiramisu, but couldn't take another forkfull of food.
When the check arrived we were pleasantly surprised! Not your typical Destin dinner prices!

This is where the locals dine, but the tourists are sure to find it.
It won't be long before customers are standing in line to eat here.

Sshhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Watch for my next restaurant review.

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