Monday, October 11, 2010

Apres' Beach Skin Care

Here at the beach soaking up the sun's rays 
is one of our favorite pastimes.
We sun and beach worshipers stretch out on the beach or at the pool for hours. Florida sunshine is not always our  friend. UVA rays from the sun can penetrate deep into the skin and damage collagen, which is the protein that holds our skin together in a firm and smooth way.  Sunscreens are a must!
I remember years ago, when I had a day spa in Destin called Indulgence, 'sun goddesses' of a certain age, with obvious sun damage, would come in looking for a miracle treatment to eliminate wrinkles.  The esthetician was probably thinking 'I'm an esthetician - not a magician'.
Photo: Spa at the Emerald Grande
Speaking of spas, we have some great ones here in Destin.  One of my favs is the Spa at the Emerald Grande in HarborWalk Village.  The views from the spa are breathtaking looking out over East Pass, the Destin Harbor & the Gulf of Mexico.
I couldn't write about skin care and not mention our world renown local 'magician',  Dr. Burden, Founder of  Destin Plastic Surgery.  He is a leader in the industry and the facility is beautiful and serene. The estheticians there are skin care professionals and give world class facials as well as other body and skin care treatments.

My new, favorite after-summer skin care line is the Philosophy line.  I just discovered their microdelivery exfoliating wash. It is gentle enough for daily use and provides immediate benefits.  I found it at Ulta in Destin for $25.00 for 8 fl. oz.  It makes my skin feel as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom. Their Makeup Optional Skin Care System for dry, sensitive skin will leave your skin glowing, feeling hydrated. I like this almost as much as Obagi home products.   

Home skin care products have evolved in the past few years. Many of these products are designed to combat the effects of the sun. What are your favorite anti-aging skin care products?  Do you have a favorite spa on the Emerald Coast? We would love to hear from you!

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